Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Telstra Business Awards: Vote for SOUP!

Soup is Australia’s largest and most experienced word-of-mouth media and marketing company. We build programs that get tens of thousands of people authentically talking about the products and brands we work with. To date 100,000 people (Soupers) who have signed up to be volunteers in Soup word of mouth marketing programs. Soupers are influential people who want to exchange their opinions and ideas about brands and ultimately help shape the future of the products they buy. The Soup business arose from the idea that the conversations people have with one another are far more important than the messages most brands fire at them through advertising. People really wanted to take an active role in the product and services they were buying and Soup found a way to further empower them on a large scale.
Marketers face a difficult job in an environment where there is incredible product confusion, media fragmentation and increasing cynicism in what companies have to say in their marketing and communications. Consumers are turning to each other to help guide the decisions they make and products to buy. The rise of social media has amplified this trend because people are connected in more ways. Soup taps into this trend and provides a win win solution for both consumers and brands. We match Soupers with the right brands and they get access to cool stuff such as products before they launch, samples to share with friends, and exclusive behind-the-scene access. In return, the brand obtains a people powered media channel delivering proven sales success.
Soup have worked with many of the large and not-so-large brands in Australia building impactful word-of-mouth for brands such as Nestle, Uncle Tobys, Nescafe, Penguin, Huggies, Kellogg’s, Renault, Commonwealth Bank, Sony, Panasonic, Heart Foundation, Airwick, Johnson & Johnson, Tooheys Extra Dry, XXXXGold and Boags.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My 25 Things: Owning a Pet

  1. Owning a Pet

Meet my lovable Cavoodle, Cupid. He’s a Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel cross Toy Poodle.

He’s been with me since I was in Sydney.

Birthday: August 29, 2006

When I was in Sydney he was a source of inspiration and strength. It’s really amazing how a pet can save your sanity! You don’t know what love means until you have your own pet. He is part of the family and everyone else loves him. He’s just the right size for inside the house and he’s always good to kids. He’s even scared of the kids instead of the kids being scared of a big fluffy dog!

He loves cuddles and tummy rubs. He likes carrots and Doritos as treats. He is an exceptional runner, loves the car and road trips!

Happiness is when you come home from a tiring stressful day at work and all you can see is his happy wagging tail because you’re finally home. That moment there always makes me smile and feel loved. J

Friday, November 5, 2010

[Wedding] Purple and Orange Wedding

the hubby slacking off :)
finally getting ready!
my bridesmaids helping me out!
*Jessica* hiding in the background :)
my awesome shoes!

*checking out my dress*
*Christ the King Church*
*waiting inside the car*
my bouquet
my crying groom :)
the walk :)
my crying sister in law :)
*our heart rings*
*before the first kiss*

*the shower of petals*
*with my hunny*
*nose to nose*
*with my chucks*
*the reception*

*the dance*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My 25 Things: Learning how to Drive

  1. Learning How to Drive

Not everyone will think this is an accomplishment but with all the years and rules I had to go through to get my full license this was worth blogging for. Since my husband and my grandma taught me how to drive manual in the Philippines, driving automatic here was kinda easier EXCEPT I had to be on the other side of the car and the other side of the road. Gave me a headache the first few times I was in the car but had to get over it. I am proud to say that in all my driving tests, I passed first go! Amazing since most of the Aussies I know had to re-do a few tests. Grinning ear to ear was in my every photo cause I was that excited to pass every time!

In Sydney there are 4 levels of licenses, Learners, Red P, Green P then Full license. Learner drivers always need a Full licensed driver to guide them. Red P Platers can drive but only to 90kms/hr. Green P Platers can drive to 110kms/hr and Full license drivers can drive according to the speed limit and are allowed to have 1 standard drink and drive home. Not sure if they’ve changed the rules now but that’s what it was when I was driving then. Even if I’m a full licensed driver now, I still don’t drink! Too scared of the cops! Haha.

Right now, all I'm waiting for is my new licence with my new surname :) Woohoo!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My 25 Things: Graduating

24. Graduating

Graduating was one of the highlights for me since it was the purpose of me travelling and moving to Australia. Going to school everyday, spending time with other international students made it feel so normal to be away from family. We were all in the same boat but I kinda was different since I was the only one who had family inAustralia. Everyone else had to find their own place, share a bedroom with a few other students just to make the most out of it. All my other classmates from Japan, Switzerland, Slovakia, China, Bhutan, Malaysia etc, were so friendly going to school was a breeze. I didn’t mind the broken English either! We were learning each other’s languages it was so cool. I wish I had more time to learn Japanese and Chinese though!

Best part is we graduated at the Parliament House in Canberra! That was an awesome experience! Walking through the halls of the House of Representatives not all students get to march there! I felt so important hah!! The train ride was not bad either. Every once in a while we’d see wild kangaroos near the tracks, I wish at that time I had an SLR already, my photos would’ve been cooler.

Fun Fact about the Australian Coat of Arms:

They used the Kangaroo and Emu because they are the only animals that can't walk backwards and Australia wants to portray that it should be the same,

Always moving forward!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My 25 Things

My 25 Things

I didn’t’ realise making a list of what I’ve accomplished and what I want to do now I’m 25 was going to be a challenge. But this is me giving thanks to God for giving me more than what I need in the past, what I have right now and for my future.

I’ll split it with 8 each leaving number 25 a surprise J

What I’ve accomplished so far…

I’ve always thought about what I would become when I grow up, so now I’m all grown up but not that mature I think I can say I somehow made it… The journey was all worth while trying to accomplish these things, so here goes..

25.Moving to Australia

The decision to move was that easy I moved within 3months of knowing I could migrate. My Sydney family accepted me and made me feel like I wasn’t missing out on anything so that made the transition easier.

I did miss out 3years of all the important gatherings, birthday’s, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year and all the other holidays with my family but I can say, growing up that way was worth it. I learned so much, I’m thanking God for that opportunity.

Not everyone can see the Opera House from the Harbour Bridge everyday which to me was nothing short of being so blessed and amazing.

[Thoughts] Sneak Peek to our Birthday Halloween Party

Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
and I'd give up forever to touch you..