Saturday, April 3, 2010

[Thoughts] Affirmations

Excerpts from Biggest Loser Australia - Couples

Something to ponder on about life...
Past, Present, Future....

According to Maori tradition:
They take from the past but they don’t stay in the past, otherwise they’ll always be behind. You use what you’ve learned from the past to help you fight the battles of “The Now”

And from there you can create a new future. “What you conceive, you achieve.”

They recite these words of affirmation, oozing with positivity preferably in your quiet spot..

"Wealth is my birthright, I claim it now, I follow my heart, I create my future, I share my gifts, I live with gratitude, I am wealth. MY TIME IS NOW. I decide, I commit, I act"

If you say it to yourself till you believe it, it feels awesome! =)

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  1. excelent, have seen this part in biggest loser, since then I`ve use the affimation...


Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
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