Sunday, January 31, 2010

[Travel] Phuket Fantasea

Date of Travel: June 25 2008
Weather: Cloudy with scattered mini showers

Phuket Fantasea can't be compared with any other place I've been before.

We got picked up by a tour bus, as always we were the last to be picked up, so we really didn't have a choice of where to sit. Sometimes Hunny sits in front, most of the time beside the door I just get thrown on what other seat there is in the bus/van. Yeah, we don't mind anyway.

Fantasea wasn't that far away from our hotel, the usual lining up before getting in except they skipped my name on the list so we had to be ushered in another counter.

The entrance was like a palace gate;it had golden pillars with elephants and gigantic paintings on the ceiling. At the counter they also offer you the dvd copy of the Elephant show. Which we bought just for the sake of having a souvenir.

Phuket Fantasea is like a carnival, theatre, souvenir shop, zoo and food court all at the same time! You will not get bored here! It has everything from kids to adults.

We loved the chicken hotdog and sweet corn in the small stalls before the souvenir shops. =) There were heaps of lady boys that you really won't know unless you see their adam's apple or hear them talk!

It's like a giant maze with lots of other places to check out before you get to your final destination where the final awesome Thai speaking show with no subtitles is: The Palace of the Elephants.

After the show we hurried and got our souvenir photos with real ladies and a lady boy who was more beautiful than the other two ladies (sorry!) Checked out our mobile phones, got on the bus and went home!

It was a cool show except for the fact that we didn't get the story line.
It was power rangers, farm people, mystic evil all in one!!

But a Good show: Must See :)

[Travel] Simon Cabaret

Date of Travel: June 26 2008
Weather: Cloudy with scattered mini showers

Where in Thailand can you find Lady boys, Ladies that you're not sure if they are ladies, comic relief, singing, dancing, funny role plays? I guess everywhere and anywhere... BUT the most famous one is Simon Cabaret.

Tour bus picked us up with some other Aussie tourists, it was kinda scary as it was raining and the road going to Simon Cabaret from our Hotel was up hill!! And my goodness, those Thai drivers are sometimes scary drivers! We arrived safely (Thank Goodness!) Tourists were welcomed and loved by Thai people. I loved it!

We paid for VIP seats so we're near the stage. We first came in and it felt like a bad decision to be in front as it made us the easiest target in case these performers think of some interaction with the audience! Hunny was somewhat "concerned" Haha!

Good thing when they performed they only targeted this particular Japanese teenager, it was funny and we feel sorry for the guy!

Singing was good, the performances were awesome too! As any other performances you are not allowed to take photos inside, but then after the show you are allowed to take photos with the performers with a special "tip". Which we didn't know and pissed off one of them. Haha! So I quietly walked away as there were heaps of other audience members that were in line for photos. Oops! My bad! =)

We got picked up by a different tourist bus and got dropped off first!

All in all, it was a funny night out for me and Hunny!

There is a first time for everything.. =)

[Mushy] Favorite Pose with Hunny

iloveyou! :)

[Travel] Coconut Coffee Shop - Patong Merlin Hotel

Date of Travel: June 27 2008
Weather: Cloudy with scattered mini showers

It was one of the best dinner dates so far...! We had the restaurant all to ourselves..

We had the Thai dinner Set A. Funny since we always ask for extra rice, when we try to call the waiters they already know and they bring it out straight away.. =)

Scrumptious food, very quiet ambiance, super friendly staff...

A relaxing night together! Lots of laughter, simple surprises and heaps of love!

[Travel] Phuket Island Hopping 2008

Date of Travel: June 23 2008
Weather: Cloudy with scattered mini showers

Hunny's Birthday Celebration!

It was Monsoon season in June, nevertheless it was an awesome day... =)

Our photos can describe our day more than I can find words for it! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Hunnymooners Travel?

We've only been to a few countries in Asia together, either we're a PDA couple without even knowing or the "Love" just shows!

Episode 1:
Danny from Thailand: "You here foh yoh honeymooon?"
Hunny: No
Me: Nope!
Danny from Thailand: "Looks like yoh here foh honeymoon" =)

Episode 2:
Teenagers watching Fantasea sitting next to Hunny(They probably thought we couldn't speak or understand English cause they didn't even tone down their voices with their conversation)

Guy1: Where's (so and so's name)
Girl1: Beside the Honeymooners!
Guy2: Oh yeah, they're from our hotel!

Hunny and I realising they were talking about us cause these Aussies were pointing at the chick beside Hunny! Psychos. Hahahahahaha!!

Episode 3:
Customs Officer at LCCT Airport(While checking our passports)
Customs Officer: "Ahh, you guys married ye?"
Hunny: "Not yet"
Me: "Soon!"
Customes Officer: "Ahh, ye, cause different names still, just holiday ye?"
Me: "Stopover before Singapore"
Customs Officer: "Ahh,marry soon ye"

I reckon that was the longest we had to wait to get some stamps from customs! Hahaha!

Episode 4:

Waitress from Singapore while taking our plates: Honeymoon?
Hunny: No no no... Just celebrating her birthday *points to me*
Me: =)

So, I thought it was funnny to be asked that wherever we go... =) Unless that's how they start a conversation with all other tourists! But we take it as a compliment =)

Next stop: Unknown =)
Will we get asked again if we're there for our honeymoon?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

[Wedding] Christ the King, Greenmeadows

[December 20,2009]

It was our first time to visit Christ the King Church in Greemeadows as a couple, I've been there heaps of times before but was always with family.. Today was the day when we secured the date of the wedding... September 8, 2010.

There was no changing the date, we would've desperately tried another church if CTK was not available anymore! Thankfully, our prayers were answered and there was one slot available since there will be other masses to celebrate Mother Mary's birthday. It will be our 7th year anniversary that day... Amazing!

We were lucky enough to pray and see the church while it was getting set up for a 4pm wedding.. The church looked solemn, very peaceful.. Now we know, how it feels like! *giggle*

All I can say is that I'm very lucky, I can't wait, It's going to be a great beginning for our journey...

Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
and I'd give up forever to touch you..