Sunday, May 9, 2010

[Thoughts] Mother's Day

Mother's Day May 9 2010

Our priest, Fr.Al dedicated the mass to all mothers and reminded them that in everything they do they are appreciated. He also asked all the kids to say thanks to mum and dad for providing for them. And then Fr. Al shared his version of the joke for mums.

There was a married man that didn't appreciate his wife and just thinks that his wife had a luxurious life by just staying at home and not doing anything. So in a prayer that night he asked God if they can swap so he can let his wife know how hard it is to go to work. With His wisdom he agreed and when the husband woke up he had swapped bodies with his wife. As a mum he then prepared breakfast, got the coffee ready for the husband, woke up the kids, prepared their breakfast, took them to school, took the dry cleaning, did the banking, did the grocery shopping, by the time she got home it was 1pm. So she cleaned the house, fixed the beds, washed the dog and it was time to pick up the kids. So she picked them up, when they got home helped them with their homework, then got the dinner ready. She peeled all the vegetables, and cooked the meat and then they had dinner. After dinner, she cleaned up and got the dishwasher started, gave the kids a bath and put them to bed. And after all that, she was expected to make love to her husband.

That morning, he realised that being a housewife wasn't easy at all and knelt beside the bed and prayed "Dear Lord, I now appreciate what my wife does, can you please swap our bodies again so I can be at work and she can do this all over again" Because our dear Lord had infinite wisdom he understood that the husband now appreciated the wife so he said to the husband "I am happy to swap your bodies again, but you have to wait 9 more months as you got pregnant last night!"

And everyone at churched laughed. It was a good time to enjoy the homily and after that Fr. Al asked all the mothers to line up to receive one long stem flower from the church. He then asked all mums, soon-to-be-mums and engaged women to receive a flower. It was an awesome feeling to get one :)

After mass Fr.Al asked everyone to stay back for some tea and coffee. I got my slice of cake and here they are! :)

Spent the rest of the day eating and playing with Cupid :)

To my mum: Happy Mother's Day! iloveyou!

To all the mums celebrating today, hope you were extra spoilt! :)

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Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
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