Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Thoughts] Death of a Grandfather

Excerpts from my previous blog: Cupid's Arrow

"I remember when I was about 5 or 6, during Christmas when all the gifts have been given and its time to give out money, we would line up to Daddy and he would give me a whole heap of 5peso bills! As a young one, I thought I was rich already! That I could buy practically anything I want! But I always gave it to my parents so I can put it in my bank account and all that.. But about an inch thickness of 5 peso bills! Haha!! My Daddy loves to whistle at night, he whistles anything, although I dont know the tunes he whistles to, everytime I see him he'd be smiling.. My Daddy also loved walking, he takes public transport all the time and doesn't even complain one bit!

There is no other way to end a conversation with Daddy except for the words I love you, he sees to it that every phone call, those would be his last words... Daddy will always be remembered as the Man who was always there...."

This excerpt was made by me 3years ago... After reading this, it felt like I was in a time travel and that we just laid Daddy to rest. Daddy missed our wedding, he would've been so proud and happy but I know that day he was there. He made sure that everything went perfect for me and Jong, he made sure that everything was in order. He was there tied to my bouquet so he can see everything up close.
Thanks Dad.
Daddy I'm sure you're happy wherever you are, playing chess and whistling till your opponent makes his move. I wish I can have that one more hug Dad. I miss you.

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Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
and I'd give up forever to touch you..