Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[Wedding] Engagement Photos with Jeff and Lisa

The Date: August 31

Trial Make Up: Sabs Hernandez
Hair: Tony Dusich

Trial Hair and Make up by these two = Double Awesomeness

Engagement Session Theme - Places where we hang out

Photographers: Jeff and Lisa

Jeff and Lisa + Kym and Jong = Epic Laugh trip chaos hypermode funny faces =)

Manila Peninsula Premiere Suite
Jollibee - Greenmeadows
Starbucks - Corinthian Gardens
Cupcakes by Sonja - Serendra
Serendra Field

The Make Up Artist:
It felt good hanging out with Sabs. We were schoolmates during HighSchool. I was a freshman and she was a senior. During the Senior-Freshman Acquaintance day she was my "Big Sister" That day, I was given the full make up while going around campus. So when I heard and saw in magazines that she pursued a career by making all the brides pretty during their big day, I wasn't surprised. I was so giddy and happy that she was free for our wedding! When Jong bought me wedding magazines, it was so nice to see her name written on almost every page as the make up artist :) Coolness. After I booked Sabs, I couldn't stop bragging about it to my HS friends!

Thank you Sabs and Tony for making me look super girly that day :) Jong loved it!

The Photographers:
I adored Jeff and Lisa ever since I saw their link from Jason Magbanua's site.

So curious I was a stalker. So excited I was that kid from Despicable me shouting "OMG it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!" Yeah that feeling.

Every update of their blog, I was waiting and asking for more. For the first time during wedding preps, I had the "This is it" moment. I asked Jong to book them and made it a non-negotiable.
Ultimately I was emailing Lisa and sharing nonsense stories. It was like talking to an old friend you haven't seen for a very long time, yep, I felt that close. Haha. Anyways,with lots and lots of planning and location changes before the engagement session none of those plans came true. It was all about what we felt that day, no props, no balloons, no flowers, just us.

Jason Magbanua, Jeff and Lisa, Sabs Hernandez = Non negotiable

With that team, we knew it was going to be an awesome wedding day.. and it was!

Super Hug :)

My Happiness

Straw and Cupcake

what's so funny? :)

Me: Hello little cupcake, I can see you :)

Hmmmmm... Cupcake


*girly pose*

My Happy place :)



on my way to my happy place :)




The bride

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Everyday I love you...
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