Friday, October 29, 2010

My 25 Things: Graduating

24. Graduating

Graduating was one of the highlights for me since it was the purpose of me travelling and moving to Australia. Going to school everyday, spending time with other international students made it feel so normal to be away from family. We were all in the same boat but I kinda was different since I was the only one who had family inAustralia. Everyone else had to find their own place, share a bedroom with a few other students just to make the most out of it. All my other classmates from Japan, Switzerland, Slovakia, China, Bhutan, Malaysia etc, were so friendly going to school was a breeze. I didn’t mind the broken English either! We were learning each other’s languages it was so cool. I wish I had more time to learn Japanese and Chinese though!

Best part is we graduated at the Parliament House in Canberra! That was an awesome experience! Walking through the halls of the House of Representatives not all students get to march there! I felt so important hah!! The train ride was not bad either. Every once in a while we’d see wild kangaroos near the tracks, I wish at that time I had an SLR already, my photos would’ve been cooler.

Fun Fact about the Australian Coat of Arms:

They used the Kangaroo and Emu because they are the only animals that can't walk backwards and Australia wants to portray that it should be the same,

Always moving forward!

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Everyday I love you...
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