Monday, November 22, 2010

My 25 Things: Owning a Pet

  1. Owning a Pet

Meet my lovable Cavoodle, Cupid. He’s a Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel cross Toy Poodle.

He’s been with me since I was in Sydney.

Birthday: August 29, 2006

When I was in Sydney he was a source of inspiration and strength. It’s really amazing how a pet can save your sanity! You don’t know what love means until you have your own pet. He is part of the family and everyone else loves him. He’s just the right size for inside the house and he’s always good to kids. He’s even scared of the kids instead of the kids being scared of a big fluffy dog!

He loves cuddles and tummy rubs. He likes carrots and Doritos as treats. He is an exceptional runner, loves the car and road trips!

Happiness is when you come home from a tiring stressful day at work and all you can see is his happy wagging tail because you’re finally home. That moment there always makes me smile and feel loved. J

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Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
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