Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Telstra Business Awards: Vote for SOUP!

Soup is Australia’s largest and most experienced word-of-mouth media and marketing company. We build programs that get tens of thousands of people authentically talking about the products and brands we work with. To date 100,000 people (Soupers) who have signed up to be volunteers in Soup word of mouth marketing programs. Soupers are influential people who want to exchange their opinions and ideas about brands and ultimately help shape the future of the products they buy. The Soup business arose from the idea that the conversations people have with one another are far more important than the messages most brands fire at them through advertising. People really wanted to take an active role in the product and services they were buying and Soup found a way to further empower them on a large scale.
Marketers face a difficult job in an environment where there is incredible product confusion, media fragmentation and increasing cynicism in what companies have to say in their marketing and communications. Consumers are turning to each other to help guide the decisions they make and products to buy. The rise of social media has amplified this trend because people are connected in more ways. Soup taps into this trend and provides a win win solution for both consumers and brands. We match Soupers with the right brands and they get access to cool stuff such as products before they launch, samples to share with friends, and exclusive behind-the-scene access. In return, the brand obtains a people powered media channel delivering proven sales success.
Soup have worked with many of the large and not-so-large brands in Australia building impactful word-of-mouth for brands such as Nestle, Uncle Tobys, Nescafe, Penguin, Huggies, Kellogg’s, Renault, Commonwealth Bank, Sony, Panasonic, Heart Foundation, Airwick, Johnson & Johnson, Tooheys Extra Dry, XXXXGold and Boags.

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Everyday I love you...
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