Thursday, March 11, 2010

[Pets] Cupid


Cavoodle: Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel X Toy Poodle

Born: August 29, 2006


Tricks: Knows how to sit, drop, stay, walk without the lead

Learning: Come, Speak, Back =)

Loves: Car Rides, Treats, cuddles, tennis balls but most importantly super squeaky toys! =)

Temperament: Hyper but knows how to stay still on command, loves visitors, good with kids and older people

Cavoodles enjoy being social with others. He loves being in the kennel cause he gets to play all day with other dogs but he loves being at home more so he can play inside the house with me or my cousins.

He grew up with my 4 younger cousins in Sydney so he's used to kids! He doesn't bark at night, he sometimes howl when he hears ambulance/fire trucks passing by in the middle of the night. He enjoys long walks in the park and is not a constant lap dog. If play time is finished, he just sits beside me while watching tv. When he sees other dogs on TV he goes up to it and whinges. Haha!

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Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
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