Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Hunnymooners Travel?

We've only been to a few countries in Asia together, either we're a PDA couple without even knowing or the "Love" just shows!

Episode 1:
Danny from Thailand: "You here foh yoh honeymooon?"
Hunny: No
Me: Nope!
Danny from Thailand: "Looks like yoh here foh honeymoon" =)

Episode 2:
Teenagers watching Fantasea sitting next to Hunny(They probably thought we couldn't speak or understand English cause they didn't even tone down their voices with their conversation)

Guy1: Where's (so and so's name)
Girl1: Beside the Honeymooners!
Guy2: Oh yeah, they're from our hotel!

Hunny and I realising they were talking about us cause these Aussies were pointing at the chick beside Hunny! Psychos. Hahahahahaha!!

Episode 3:
Customs Officer at LCCT Airport(While checking our passports)
Customs Officer: "Ahh, you guys married ye?"
Hunny: "Not yet"
Me: "Soon!"
Customes Officer: "Ahh, ye, cause different names still, just holiday ye?"
Me: "Stopover before Singapore"
Customs Officer: "Ahh,marry soon ye"

I reckon that was the longest we had to wait to get some stamps from customs! Hahaha!

Episode 4:

Waitress from Singapore while taking our plates: Honeymoon?
Hunny: No no no... Just celebrating her birthday *points to me*
Me: =)

So, I thought it was funnny to be asked that wherever we go... =) Unless that's how they start a conversation with all other tourists! But we take it as a compliment =)

Next stop: Unknown =)
Will we get asked again if we're there for our honeymoon?


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