Sunday, January 31, 2010

[Travel] Phuket Fantasea

Date of Travel: June 25 2008
Weather: Cloudy with scattered mini showers

Phuket Fantasea can't be compared with any other place I've been before.

We got picked up by a tour bus, as always we were the last to be picked up, so we really didn't have a choice of where to sit. Sometimes Hunny sits in front, most of the time beside the door I just get thrown on what other seat there is in the bus/van. Yeah, we don't mind anyway.

Fantasea wasn't that far away from our hotel, the usual lining up before getting in except they skipped my name on the list so we had to be ushered in another counter.

The entrance was like a palace gate;it had golden pillars with elephants and gigantic paintings on the ceiling. At the counter they also offer you the dvd copy of the Elephant show. Which we bought just for the sake of having a souvenir.

Phuket Fantasea is like a carnival, theatre, souvenir shop, zoo and food court all at the same time! You will not get bored here! It has everything from kids to adults.

We loved the chicken hotdog and sweet corn in the small stalls before the souvenir shops. =) There were heaps of lady boys that you really won't know unless you see their adam's apple or hear them talk!

It's like a giant maze with lots of other places to check out before you get to your final destination where the final awesome Thai speaking show with no subtitles is: The Palace of the Elephants.

After the show we hurried and got our souvenir photos with real ladies and a lady boy who was more beautiful than the other two ladies (sorry!) Checked out our mobile phones, got on the bus and went home!

It was a cool show except for the fact that we didn't get the story line.
It was power rangers, farm people, mystic evil all in one!!

But a Good show: Must See :)

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Everyday I love you...
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