Sunday, January 31, 2010

[Travel] Simon Cabaret

Date of Travel: June 26 2008
Weather: Cloudy with scattered mini showers

Where in Thailand can you find Lady boys, Ladies that you're not sure if they are ladies, comic relief, singing, dancing, funny role plays? I guess everywhere and anywhere... BUT the most famous one is Simon Cabaret.

Tour bus picked us up with some other Aussie tourists, it was kinda scary as it was raining and the road going to Simon Cabaret from our Hotel was up hill!! And my goodness, those Thai drivers are sometimes scary drivers! We arrived safely (Thank Goodness!) Tourists were welcomed and loved by Thai people. I loved it!

We paid for VIP seats so we're near the stage. We first came in and it felt like a bad decision to be in front as it made us the easiest target in case these performers think of some interaction with the audience! Hunny was somewhat "concerned" Haha!

Good thing when they performed they only targeted this particular Japanese teenager, it was funny and we feel sorry for the guy!

Singing was good, the performances were awesome too! As any other performances you are not allowed to take photos inside, but then after the show you are allowed to take photos with the performers with a special "tip". Which we didn't know and pissed off one of them. Haha! So I quietly walked away as there were heaps of other audience members that were in line for photos. Oops! My bad! =)

We got picked up by a different tourist bus and got dropped off first!

All in all, it was a funny night out for me and Hunny!

There is a first time for everything.. =)

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Everyday I love you...
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