Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[Travel] Laya Personal Dining: Dinner Date with Hunny

Date of Travel: Feb 19 2010
Location: Antipolo
Weather: Perfect

Laya Personal Dining

Cause I only had a few days in Manila, planning for a surprise took months before February.. :)

Good thing my cousin was an avid customer of Laya. I got the idea so I could surprise hunny... Simple but awesome surprise :)

Location: It might be a bit far and tricky to get to but once you take a seat, it will be all worth the wait. Plus who doesn't want to have that story of the road trip that got you lost. Hahaha! Especially when your friend texts you "pagkatapos ng andoks turn right then andun na un" When he actually meant "Manok ni San Pedro" Hahahaha!

Food: Amazing. Course per course, the presentation was picture worthy. The only thing was Hunny forgot to take photos of his food before he ate it! He was that excited! Hunny and I kept laughing, reminiscing our trip to Phuket, it was definitely a good night. It wasn't too busy. It wasn't too crowded but you can feel that that dinner would lead to a perfect night out.

Ambiance: Romantic. Simple. Breathtaking.

Surprises: I made little things for hunny, a simple note, a simple photo, a writing on an envelope with how I feel, and our phuket keychains :)

Chef Ricci and Ms Irene: Ms Irene was in on the secrets. Big Thank you for saying yes to giving the little surprises :) Chef Ricci presented us with lovely food! Team Laya FTW! For me, Chef Ricci was like Amorsolo with the food presentation. Ms Irene was super friendly and was the most courteous host of the evening. Hunny said he was having nosebleed while I was talking to her. Funny :)

In conclusion: THE BEST!
Hunny and I already set the date when we'll be back!! :)

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Everyday I love you...
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