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[Travel] Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Date of Travel: May 22 2009
Weather: Hot and Humid!

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Sunway Lagoon: Tips and Things to Remember
1. Find out how far it is from your hotel, especially if Sunway is a place you’d really like to visit during your stay in Malaysia. Make sure you have transportation booked for drop off and pick up; you don’t want to get duped by expensive/unmetered taxis around the area.
2. If you are only there for a day trip, don’t bring bulky items or if you have to bring bags, deposit them in lockers located near the pools. You can even have your locker for an hour; the only catch is it will automatically open after an hour! Isn’t that a scary thought if you’re having so much fun and forgot the time?!
3. Located around the area are long water rides that have hidden surprises and in all of them you’ll definitely get wet! It not like those rides that splash water only on your legs, these rides will surely drench you and your clothes!
4. When riding the flying fox, bulky bags are not allowed as you end up in the lower end of the pool. Shoes are not allowed as well. If you didn’t leave your things in the locker earlier, it is unfortunate that one of you will have to miss out in riding. You also have to be prepared for the hike to the top of the tower! Be safe, listen to the trainer facilitators, slide and enjoy the ride!
5. Bring sunscreen, the UV gets extreme at times in Malaysia; enjoy the water, the pools do look refreshing!
6. It’s better if you arrive early in the morning so you don’t have to queue for a long time with the flying fox, Grand Canyon, buffalo water slide, etc.
7. There are shower areas that are set up like a carwash; you walk in and water will just burst out of the Aztec designed walls. Our friends didn’t know it was automatic and when they posed for a photo; they got soaked with the sudden burst of water! (Haha!)
8. I do recommend you try out the ATV ride! It’s always been popular; get in early so you don’t have to queue long. We did wait around half an hour for our turn even if we were there early. The actual ATV ride was around 10mins because when we were there, half of the ATV Park was getting renovated. (Bummer!)
9. There are food stalls around the whole lagoon so you’re sure you won’t get hungry! If any case that you don’t like to eat at the Lagoon, the Sunway Pyramid is right beside it. One of the biggest mall’s I’ve ever been to.
10. Last but not the least, walk, run and jump across the longest suspended bridge!! Don’t forget to look down! 

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