Sunday, February 21, 2010

[Wedding] D&J Nuptials

Event: Wedding of two college "cheatmates" =)6 years of friendship.. Forever binded:)
Location: Foggy Tagaytay, Calaruega: Splendido
Beginning of Forever: Feb 20 2010
Weather: Perfect
Motif: Black
Guests: Close friends and Family
Priest: Family Relative
Ambiance: Full of Love!!
DIY: Wedding Bouquet, Church design, Buttonieres, Reception details, Origami
Wedding Planner: Bestfriend, College Friend, Bridesmaid
Well done Liska/Aaron and Friends!! :)Woohoo!!
Photographer/Videographer: Niceprint Team

Wedding Guestbook: When we arrived there was a small queue, we thought it was the seat plan everyone was checking out,but when we got closer we realised everyone else was gushing over the not so mushy photos but evidently showing the loving side of the two newlyweds! There were no kissing photos, but you can surely feel the love and happiness in every single one :)

DIY: Table Number =) Classic, Elegant, Perfect

Church: Presenting the Newlyweds! :)

Sparklers/Bubbles/Petals: Who says you can't have it all? :)

Bride: With the Cord Sponsor and Candle Sponsor

Newlyweds: D & J 02.20.2010

Brides HS Friends: P/K/D :)

Presenting: Bestfriends from DLSU :) Well Done Team!! :)
Super Friendship = Perfect Combination

Secondary Sponsor Button Bouquet. Idea from Etsy!

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Everyday I love you...
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