Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[Travel] Singapore!

Date of Travel: September Anniversary and October Birthday 2009 =)
Weather: Awesome... :)


What to expect:
1. Clean surroundings.
2. Easy to understand Public Transport.
3. Cheap but tasty local food.
4. No tissues/serviettes served in any food court /restaurant. Don’t forget to bring your own!
5. If locals can’t speak English properly, they won’t try to understand you to you no matter how you explain or how you use your hands. Always be prepared and know the vicinity by getting maps and reading signs.
Major Suggestions for the best experience in Singapore:
6. Take the glass cable car to Sentosa
7. Airport shuttle to your hotel $9SGD per person. Cheaper than taking a cab!
8. The $3SGD noodle beside Value Hotel Thompson is the best for value for money!
9. Don’t be scared when they talk to you in Singaporean thinking you’re a local. Just smile and quietly walk away. Haha!
10. It does get very humid at times; bring summer clothes, sunscreen, shades and a camera!

One of my cars.. :) hehehehe

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Everyday I love you...

Everyday I love you...
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