Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[Travel] Sky Venture, Genting Malaysia

Date of Travel: May 21 2009
Weather: Rainy!

Red one, Black two, Blue three, yellow four, pink five!!

After the brief training from one of the instructors for this sky diving adventure, everyone agreed that it was time to "Bring it on!"

Click me!

It had been raining that day and they've stopped accepting guests to try out the sky venture, luckily our friends were patiently waiting when they decided it was ok to use the "tube" again! Heaps of guests were angry with the employees giving them reasons like "We only went to Genting to try this out and you won't accept anymore?!?!"
All they could say was, they didn't know the weather would turn out the way it did and so it wasn't their fault plus they didn't get any payment anyway.

The experience was exhilarating! We were laughing our heads off while watching each other fall, bump into walls and wipe the spit off our faces!! Too bad we couldn't take photos while we had our turn, BUT good thing there was video!

Here's our sky diving gear that smelled like somebody else's sweat!

Everyone should try it!!!

Red one!

Black two!

Blue Three!

Yellow Four!

Pink Five!

Finally our flight certificates!

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Everyday I love you...
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